Telemarketing For Accountants

Why Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a powerful way for businesses to generate new sales leads and business enquiries. By a sales person calling up a business, doing a little fact-finding and then establishing a need, the business can find new business enquiries by going direct without the need to sit and wait for clients coming to them.

Problems For Accountants

The issue that many accountants face is that clients very rarely change, not like suppliers of manufactured parts, or printing; people tend to find an accountant and then leave them to it. So finding new clients is not easy however is necessary to ensure that the practice grows.

Marketing Dilemma For Accountants

Most accountancy practices find that sourcing new clients is difficult, and the best form of lead generation is word of mouth. By new clients coming through recommendations they are more likely to be long-term prospects (rather than someone just shopping around for prices, or speculatively looking at alternatives). For this reason, most accountants do look at reactive forms of marketing (advertising, internet marketing etc.) rather than pro-active forms of marketing (or direct marketing). Networking events are popular for accountants, but they are time-consuming and the competition is high.

As telemarketing works so well for other business sectors, many accountants are looking at making it work for them, by going to clients direct, asking the question ‘would you be interested in changing accountants?’ and then doing this thousands of times over until someone says ‘yes’.

Telemarketing For Accountants

The process of telemarketing for accountants is really not that different to any other business industry, just that it takes more calls to get a prospect/meeting.

The calling campaign for accountants will not produce instant results (unless by sheer luck), it will be a case of doing a lot of calls and building the sales pipeline.

The main consideration is looking at the practice experience (medical, finance, engineering etc.) and then ‘selling’ the experience to prospects on the phone that are in a similar industry.

An important consideration is to select a telemarketing agency that is experienced in doing telemarketing for accountants.

Closing Thoughts

For any accountant, telemarketing is going to be long-term, it will take time on the basis that most businesses will be reluctant to ‘swap suppliers’. It is more a case of catching a business at the right time, or building a relationship on the phone with the owner/decision maker.

The businesses that are called do need to be targeted (rather than random companies) they are bast being local and similar to the accountants historic experience (more chance of a conversion).

Having a USP (unique selling point) or offer is wise, give prospects a reason to say ‘yes’ rather than just pitching the service.

Be patient, telemarketing will take time to produce results, partly because of the selling cycle or because catching people at the right time is just luck. Telemarketing will be productive, but will not be a quick fix for accountants seeking new business.